The colour purple.

More of the beautiful Jacaranda trees.

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7 thoughts on “The colour purple.

      1. Have a look at my post on the Blog Award. They are very simple just follow what I did (copy/paste) etc. thats all I did. Some people write a huge piece about the person that nominated them but I have found very little information to write about “Le Artiste Boots” on her site so that has proven very difficult to do. You don’t have to go mad on that one for me either. Just “thanks….rah rah… ” will be fine. 🙂

        Then write 7 random thins about yourself

        Then nominate 15 others….I’m told that not all accept awards and most people choose carefully. Thats fine to say if you know who those people are but what would I know.

        Anyway, have fun with it. 🙂


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