Weekly photo challenge: Renewal

Just a little offering for this week.  Seed pods among the new blossoms.

The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom at the moment, a sign that winter is over. It’s the beginning of a new season.

Jacaranda in full blossom.

4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Renewal

  1. Isn’t it a glorious colour? I suspect there were some around King’s Cross when I lived there, but I don’t remember them well. We have loads in Gib and Spain however 🙂 It’s not just the colour, the gracefulness of the flowers is beautiful.


  2. They are beautiful at the moment. I hope to post a pic of my town from a higher vantage point soon. The Jacarandas are out everywhere and Tamworth looks like it’s streets are all purple. 🙂


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