Storm clouds and bats.

It’s been very dry in my part of the world lately and even though the storm clouds moved in this afternoon I’m still not convinced we will get much rain but the photo opportunity at sunset tonight wasn’t one to miss.

I even got to capture some of my nocturnal flying friends which was a nice addition to some of these photos. I hope you like them. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Storm clouds and bats.

  1. You know, even though storms can be so destructive, I could sit and watch them roll in all day, every day. One of my favourites places is on the breakwater at Newcastle watching them roll in late in the day on a summer’s afternoon…

    Crikey, it’s only six in the moning and I’m daydreaming already!


    1. lol I hadn’t thought about the clouds looking like food but now you have planted the idea in my head – I like it. Thank you. 🙂
      Yes the bats came across early because of the storm light and I was surprised I actually caught them in the photos. I tried to capture them many times but they just kept turning out a blur.


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