A closer look at what is at the bottom of the garden.

It has been incredibly hot in my little place in the world and I was very surprised to find mushrooms sprouting in my “lawn”.  It’s not unusual to have the occasional one pop up when we have had a lot rain but as I trudged to the cloths line this morning, looking at my feet with the drudgery of the task, I thought I spied a tiny little fairy village of mushrooms.

A fairytale village? In my backyard?
A fairytale village? In my backyard?

On closer inspection I was totally amazed at the variety of weeds that are powering ahead in my “lawn” area while the grass is struggling with the heat. It has been very humid here of late and we have had a number of storms roll through as a result but, call me silly, I thought this looked way better than a green patch of buffalo grass. Okay, the lawn needs work and I did sit down on a bur patch to take these shots but …

I hope your imagination works as mine did with these.

100_4453 (c) Jillian Carlon 2012100_4454 (c) Jillian Carlon 2012 100_4455 (c) Jillian Carlon 2012

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  1. I found some mushrooms recently in mine. They didn’t look very edible so they quickly got pulled out with the weeds. Despite my love of nature and gardening, I prefer to buy my mushrooms safely from the shop!


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