Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved.

Hello again.

I’m not one to make New Year resolutions as I see breaking promises to yourself is the worse kind of promise to break so this weeks  photo challenge had me stumped. What I would like to offer is some of my older images, from 2010, that I haven’t used before.

These are of a weekend trip I took to Sydney with my eldest sister. Between arriving at Sydney’s domestic airport terminal at 7am on the Saturday and leaving on the 3.30pm flight the following day we crammed in as much as possible. We did the markets, Circular Quay, the monorail, walked up and down the bustling city streets visiting shops and boutiques that attracted our interest and went to a concert on Saturday night. Sunday was just as busy with an early start, more markets and a chance reunion with some fellow concert goers from the previous night. Who would have thought that could happen in such a big city?

On the return flight we both vowed to do it all over again but the next time we would be doing it with our other two sisters but sadly that hasn’t happened as our busy lives and different obligations hasn’t allowed it – yet.

So if I was a resolution making kind of person I would resolve to make our sister weekend happen because these images can not express the exhausting enjoyment of that weekend two years ago and I think I need to experience again and have a photo shoot off with at least one of my wonderful siblings.

I hope you like them.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved.

  1. Love those. Probably because I’ve been to all of them! Hope you get a decent meet up with at least one sibling this year.

    I don’t do resolutions either. But I do resolve to do things, which is different.


    1. Thank you. We did catch up with each other over Christmas but we we’re all together at one time. To be honest, it could be dangerous when we do, especially after a couple of bottles of wine. 😉


  2. These photos brought back some lovely memories for me too. I really hope that you and your sisters manage to get away together soon. My sisters and I do something similar and call them “Sistren Days”. A lot of fun is had at these get-togethers and it is a powerful reminder of our love for each other and just how alike we are in our differences. Wishing you a wonder-filled 2013.


  3. Well done. It’s good to see you did as you were told and got your ass back into taking pictures. He he. Ouch ! Yep I thought I’d get a bite> lol
    Anyway, nice job. Sis.


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