Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Sorry to be so late posting my offering for this weeks challenge. I have been waiting all week to get these photos and nature finally decided to work with me tonight.

As you may be aware a large part of Australia has been on fire the past week, and sadly continues to be. Last Saturday night, after a day where the temperature topped at 42.5 deg, a thunderstorm rolled through the region and pretty much set it alight. The closest fire to me was just over 20klm away but it was one of about 10 within a 50 klm radius of town. At the time of writing this all these blazes have been classified “under control” which is good but they aren’t out yet.  What is being called the worse fire in NSW in known history is still burning just over 200klm away from were I live. That is a nice distance considering the size of the blaze and the fact the latest count was around 50 homes and over 100 sheds have been destroyed but more on that later.

My photo offering, that I have been waiting for, is the effect the bushfire smoke has on the setting sun. I hope you understand and appreciate why I waited to capture the way it illuminated the evening sky.

The smoke from the bush fires adds a red glow to the sun.
The smoke from the bush fires adds a red glow to the sun.

The only adjustment I have made to this photo is to add my watermark – honestly. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

  1. Nasty bush fires. Although I also succombed to taking photos of some last summer in Spain. They were actually the first ones I’d seen as never saw any in Aus. Amazing how fast the new growth comes back though.

    I’m not usually particularly punitive but I tend to be on the life imprisonment side of the fence for people who deliberately start them. Risk to life, human (including firefighters), animals and destruction of property. Not good.


    1. I have to agree with you there. Idiots have been charged with manslaughter in the past. Oddly they are usually fires around or near cities. People with no idea about nature/the bush. Australia’s fires are starting to be controlled now but most were started by lightning this time round. The big one west of me burnt out a world heritage area almost equal to the size of Sydney. Homes, buildings, a lot livestock and native animals have been lost but no lifes they have found yet which is a blessing. It also spared an observatory telescope building while destroying all the other buildings connecting to it. Amazing.


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