Thank you Miss Jolie. Please visit again.

Just saying.

Eyes lit up with hope, cameras clicked continually and the region became obsessed with fame when Hollywood came to visit recently.

Regional NSW gets excited when Australian political figures drop in to “meet the people” so you can only image the frenzy when Hollywood star Angelina Jolie flew in on a commercial flight, literally out of the blue, to check out our corner of the world for possible locations for her upcoming movie.  She liked what she saw and the rest is now film making history and fast turning into a local legend. For this, I personally thank her, even though the chances of her ever seeing, never lone reading this is minuscule.  Thank you for the opportunity given to locals, the friendly and considerate way Universal Studios conducted business in our area and the much needed financial boost your choice gave our region.  Most of all, thank you Angelina…

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