I can’t remember who planted it, me or the back neighbors. The back fence wisteria bush is a bit tatty but it still manages some pretty flowers. The bees love it too.


(c) IMG_3896 Jillian Carlon 2014 (c) IMG_3900 Jillian Carlon 2014 (c) IMG_3906 Jillian Carlon 2014 (c) IMG_3914 Jillian Carlon 2014


Loving the warmer weather – more flower photos. Petunias

Spring has sprung and, after a great deal of work, I have some flowers to be proud of in my garden.

Technically they are in hanging pots but that is so I can water them when the water restrictions go the to the next level  over the summer months. There is no doubt about this as my part of Australia has received half it’s yearly rainfall average so far.  It is only September and the use of sprinklers is banned and hoses can only be used between 5 and 7pm each day. This level of restriction usually take effect December/January so I am confident saying it is a little dry around these here parts.


(c) IMG_3930 Jillian Carlon 2014 (c) IMG_3931 Jillian Carlon 2014

Weekly Photo challenge: Endurance

Although the water and the weather take it’s foundations from underneath it and its very roots of existence  are exposed, the tree clings to the edge for as long as possible.

Balancing on the edge.
Balancing on the edge.





Dandelions, Gerber and the buds of spring.

IMG_3755 (c) JC 2014
A weed, but a pretty one.
IMG_3753 (c) JC 2014
The one and only Gerbra that has ventured out to test the suns warmth.
IMG_3729 (c) JC 2014
The apple tree may be old but it is still budding.


Although it snowed on the highlands earlier this week it is starting to finally to feel like spring.

Que the Beatles singing Here Comes The Sun. 🙂