Walk with me

On a whim I turned right instead of left. 

The path led me to an inviting place dappled in warm spring sunshine. 

Would you walk with me?


Spring sunset

The seasons are in a bit of a battle in my patch of the world at the moment. Winter isn’t quite ready to leave but spring is putting up a good fight. The result is stunning, but a little chilly, sunsets with amazing light that just call me to capture them.

The sunset behind the trees

Love is in the air

It must be spring in Australia. These two  were getting a bit friendly with each other in my back yard.

Love is in the air

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall. What are they doing behind that wall?

Mirror c
Mirror, mirror on the wall.


The bare bones are showing of the house my father once lived. The wall frames, the door frames and even the frame of a chair that once provided a comfortable place to sit and take in the country landscape.

IMG_1846 (c)
A county view

Vivid short break gallery

I was fortunate to be in Sydney for the June 2016 Vivid Festival with my son for three days of walking, music, fun and laughter. He even tolerated me stopping suddenly to take photos.



High rise garden

When there hasn’t been much rain for months on end nature¬†might as well be use the gutters of the shed for something


rooftop garden_1
The weeds seem to get more water in a dried up gutter than in the garden.

Check this out.

What ever went that way it is very interesting.

Nosey Maggie_1
A magpie doing a very good impression of a pointer dog.

Don’t push me

Don't push me
Don't push me
Times has taken a toll on this old work horse.

Bird house

Bird house cjd_1
A paper bark makes a great house – if you are a bird