When the heat builds the night crawlers come out.

The view from my driveway Monday just past. The New England area of NSW has experienced record breaking temperatures over the past week, the 42 degrees yesterday was exhausting, and it isn’t officially summer for another two week or so. A change came through on Monday night that didn’t drop any rain on my patch of dirt but the light show was amazing.

More amazing, I actually caught a few on my Cannon. This is one of my very first night time lightning photos, I love my new camera.

A night crawler, of lightning.
A night crawler, of lightning.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Sorry to be so late posting my offering for this weeks challenge. I have been waiting all week to get these photos and nature finally decided to work with me tonight.

As you may be aware a large part of Australia has been on fire the past week, and sadly continues to be. Last Saturday night, after a day where the temperature topped at 42.5 deg, a thunderstorm rolled through the region and pretty much set it alight. The closest fire to me was just over 20klm away but it was one of about 10 within a 50 klm radius of town. At the time of writing this all these blazes have been classified “under control” which is good but they aren’t out yet.  What is being called the worse fire in NSW in known history is still burning just over 200klm away from were I live. That is a nice distance considering the size of the blaze and the fact the latest count was around 50 homes and over 100 sheds have been destroyed but more on that later.

My photo offering, that I have been waiting for, is the effect the bushfire smoke has on the setting sun. I hope you understand and appreciate why I waited to capture the way it illuminated the evening sky.

The smoke from the bush fires adds a red glow to the sun.
The smoke from the bush fires adds a red glow to the sun.

The only adjustment I have made to this photo is to add my watermark – honestly. 🙂

Be careful what you wish for.

Hi, a quick post that continues on from the “hot” challenge.

During the three days of heat wave temperatures all I wished for was for it to be a bit cooler. Well it is now but the weather broke with a bang this afternoon. I was lucky at my house and the worse damage was a very upset cat who wouldn’t come out from under my son’s bed but parts of Tamworth were hit with golf ball sized hail after this opened up on us.

Roofs are damaged, trees blown down, cars peppered with dents and with windows broken, fences blown over and damaged and the power is cut to around 3,000 homes on my last check. But… it’s cooler. A gentle reminder that we should always be careful of what you wish for.

The temperature may have dropped but the humity is now up. This storm did all this after it dropped golf ball sized hail and wind gusts up to 95klm/h.
The temperature may have dropped but the humidity is now up. This storm did all this after it dropped golf ball sized hail and wind gusts up to 95klm/h.

The weather can change so fast round these parts.

The weather can change so fast around here.

This week saw a fire close to town, only about 26 kilometres from here as the crow flies.  It was started by a farmer using a grinder by all accounts but it quickly spread in the bush country near a beautiful little township of Dungowan just east of here. So far it has burnt out around 1330 ha of land but, cross everything you have two of, no property or people have been at risk.

Tonight however storms swept through the region and I just happen to be out and about.

I took the smoke photo from a hill here in town yesterday afternoon (around 5.30pm). The storm photos were at 7pm tonight and I was a big chicken and didn’t want to go on top of the same hill I took the smoke photos from in a lightning storm. Most are from in the car on the way back into town.