Looking at you looking at me

Rosella JillianD
This Rosella couldn’t decide which was his good side.

Can you see three birds in this image?


Spring sunset

The seasons are in a bit of a battle in my patch of the world at the moment. Winter isn’t quite ready to leave but spring is putting up a good fight. The result is stunning, but a little chilly, sunsets with amazing light that just call me to capture them.

The sunset behind the trees

City Sanctuary

I visited Sydney for three short days in June and I want to go back to see it’s Chinese Gardens in full bloom as it was amazing during winter.

Gardens 6_1
There is so much to see and take in at Sydney’s Chinese Gardens

High rise garden

When there hasn’t been much rain for months on end nature might as well be use the gutters of the shed for something


rooftop garden_1
The weeds seem to get more water in a dried up gutter than in the garden.