Racing the rain

Canola Harvest JillianD
Harvesting canola in Duri NSW 2017. Pic Jillian Doyle

The canola harvest is just about done in my part of the world and for some it was a slow race to the finish.

The moisture content of the grain is a priority as it affects the overall return the growers receive on their yield.

I only spent a few hours in the paddock with a farming family from Duri NSW but it was an almost nervous wait on the results from the first load of grain to the Werris Creek silos who test the grain quality.

Harvesters are fitted with GPS, load and grain monitoring systems and more however there was some concern for the lack of dust following their big green John Deere which could mean the crop still wasn’t quite ready.

However the incoming clouds threatened to wet the crop more so they pushed on to get as much as they could in.






The bare bones are showing of the house my father once lived. The wall frames, the door frames and even the frame of a chair that once provided a comfortable place to sit and take in the country landscape.

IMG_1846 (c)
A county view

Vivid short break gallery

I was fortunate to be in Sydney for the June 2016 Vivid Festival with my son for three days of walking, music, fun and laughter. He even tolerated me stopping suddenly to take photos.



High rise garden

When there hasn’t been much rain for months on end nature might as well be use the gutters of the shed for something


rooftop garden_1
The weeds seem to get more water in a dried up gutter than in the garden.