View from the roof


I reached a new height at work this evening and followed the staff photographer to the roof for a photo shoot. I didn’t take my camera today but I always have my mobile.


Vintage bikes, young at heart riders

I’ve been spoiled so far this year. So many great things happening in and around my patch of dirt.

This weekend my regional city has been the place to be if you own an Ariel motor bike as the members of Australian Ariel Register gathered here for their AGM and rally.

Ariel bikes were made between 1902 and 1956 so it isn’t surprising the numbers attending are far less than those of the recent HOG AGM and rally but those here have no less love for their machines. Last week it was estimated around 97 bikes would be in town which I don’t think is a bad turnout for Australian enthusiasts of a bike that hasn’t been made for 59 years.

There were many sparkles in eyes and on chrome exhausts as the group headed out on today’s ride.

A total eclipse: A Thousand Words’ 100th post.

So, I just noticed I was one off the century for the number of posts on this blog. To mark the occasion here is an image of the October 2014 lunar eclipse as taken from my back yard. Hope you like it.

IMG_4205 (c) JC 2014

Dandelions, Gerber and the buds of spring.

IMG_3755 (c) JC 2014
A weed, but a pretty one.
IMG_3753 (c) JC 2014
The one and only Gerbra that has ventured out to test the suns warmth.
IMG_3729 (c) JC 2014
The apple tree may be old but it is still budding.


Although it snowed on the highlands earlier this week it is starting to finally to feel like spring.

Que the Beatles singing Here Comes The Sun. 🙂