A total eclipse: A Thousand Words’ 100th post.

So, I just noticed I was one off the century for the number of posts on this blog. To mark the occasion here is an image of the October 2014 lunar eclipse as taken from my back yard. Hope you like it.

IMG_4205 (c) JC 2014


Fly boys, their toys and the people who go to watch them play.

Hello everyone, long time no post. Sorry about that, life has been getting in the way.

Pursuing a life does have it advantages however, great photo opportunities. I went to the annual air show last weekend and tested by skills, and the battery life of the camera. The battery life past with flying colours and after the amounts of shots I took I learnt more about the operation of my Cannon.

IMG_4641 (c) JC 2014 IMG_4813 (c) JC 2014 IMG_4891 (c) JC 2014 IMG_4916 (c) JC 2014 IMG_5138 (c) JC 2014 IMG_5147 (c) JC 2014 IMG_5217 (c) JC 2014 IMG_4616 (c) JC 2014 IMG_4806 (c) JC 2014