Weekly photo challenge: Foreign 3

Last but not least. My final offering for this weeks photo challenge.  Darling Harbour, Sydney. 

Please excuse me, I appear to be leaning.
A stand out architectural design.

Weekly photo challenge: Foreign 2

A strong up-draft creates an almost alien effect on a storm cloud.

Foreign for two reasons: 1) Could it possibly rain? 2) This isn’t from a scene from the movie Independence Day but it could have been – is there an alien space craft creating this? The thought crossed my mind at the time anyway.

Weekly photo challenge: Foreign 1

The hills of Nundle the backdrop for a Chinese dragon during the town’s annual festival. (c) Jillian Carlon 2012

Wikipedia says gold was first discovered in 1852 in the area and prospectors came from around the globe to find their fortune however the majority were from China. There isn’t much gold in them ther hills these days however the townships history is celebrated every year with a festival that features the culture that help establish it.

Flowers grown by a brown thumb.

I have some beautiful flowers in my garden at the moment which isn’t bad for a brown thumb like me.

The large red flower is from a cactus type plant that would have a very difficult to say, and even harder to spell botanical name no doubt but I’ve always know it as a strap cactus as it’s “branches” look like prickly, thick ropes. It flowers once a year and I think it survives well for me because it doesn’t need much water. (I have a bad habit of forgetting about watering plants). The flowers don’t have any smell and as you can see are quite beautiful.

The sweet pea plant just popped up in the garden bed and I just left it alone as plants live longer when I don’t touch them. I’ve already mentioned I have a brown thumb not a green one.  🙂