Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall. What are they doing behind that wall?

Mirror c
Mirror, mirror on the wall.

State of mind: Distraction


Couple of clowns JD 2016_1
Oh look at that. Fireworks.

I love the annual agricultural show but this clown looked as though he wanted to be someplace other than at work

Outside the wire


August storm0006_1
Bird Silhouette

A solitary Rosella in the last light of the day.

He is a wild bird and has never had to see the world from the inside of a cage which is as it should be.

Celtic celebration

The Glen Innes Celtic Festival is held the first weekend in May each year. I was lucky enough to experience one day of it this year through a photojournalist course I took part in.

To my surprise it wasn’t all about bagpipes and kilts. An Armidale re-enactment group, The New England Medieval Arts Society (NEMAS), were also a big part of the celebration including camping at the towns Standing Stones site.

Other than hearing a mass pipe band play in Glen Innes’ main street, seeing, talking to and being allowed to take photos of the members of NEMAS would be the highlight of my day at the festival.

Bent but not broken 

Another shot from my weekend photography binge session in the fog.

These elms line a beautiful avenue here in town. The avenue, King George Ave, actually featured in the Angelina Jolie movie Unbroken as the main character was seen running down it as a young man. Unfortunately this elm is a bit broken but it is still a beautiful sight on the avenue in the fog.

These elm trees are under threat of being removed to allow an alternative access to the CBD. This one was struck by lightning recently which doesn't help its cause.
These elm trees are under threat of being removed to allow an alternative access to the CBD. This one was struck by lightning recently which doesn’t help its cause.

What I have learnt – Finding five fascinating things

I am grateful to have recently attended a short photography workshop which was led by the incredibly amazing photographer/artist Pete Longworth. Pete grew up in Narrabri, a farming community a few hours from my hometown and now spends his time following summer in the US and Australia. He is such an inspirational person and his workshop was simply the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time.

One of the key points he shared of his craft was to see things, not just look at them. He also encouraged the group to find five fascinating things a day which is a challenge I have really enjoyed taking on – it is incredible what you really see when you stop looking and start seeing. It is all about capturing the moments that can pass too quickly and looking at the beauty that is all around us. Confused? Check Pete’s work out at his webpage and if he is doing a workshop near you, go for it.

Anyway, these images are some of the many I took on the day as I started looking at things differently. Pete also showed me a few settings on my camera I didn’t know was there. I hope you like them.