City Sanctuary

I visited Sydney for three short days in June and I want to go back to see it’s Chinese Gardens in full bloom as it was amazing during winter.

Gardens 6_1
There is so much to see and take in at Sydney’s Chinese Gardens

Outside the wire


August storm0006_1
Bird Silhouette

A solitary Rosella in the last light of the day.

He is a wild bird and has never had to see the world from the inside of a cage which is as it should be.

Blue Tongue lizard – two photos

I found this little one in my back yard, stressed because of the cold conditions.

It is only a baby Blue Tongue and measured around 20cm from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. He/she had an overnight, inside, stay before I let it roam free and hopefully find a warm place before the day lost its warmth.

Profile shot of baby blue tongue lizard
Profile shot of baby blue tongue lizard
Looking for an out.
Looking for an out.

The answer was blowing in the wind

I have a fasination for windmills and this old one has seen its day.

They were once the answer to pumping much needed water to the surface but now they appear to be left negected and replaced by solar pumping system.

A weary windmill
A weary windmill