The weather can change so fast round these parts.

The weather can change so fast around here.

This week saw a fire close to town, only about 26 kilometres from here as the crow flies.  It was started by a farmer using a grinder by all accounts but it quickly spread in the bush country near a beautiful little township of Dungowan just east of here. So far it has burnt out around 1330 ha of land but, cross everything you have two of, no property or people have been at risk.

Tonight however storms swept through the region and I just happen to be out and about.

I took the smoke photo from a hill here in town yesterday afternoon (around 5.30pm). The storm photos were at 7pm tonight and I was a big chicken and didn’t want to go on top of the same hill I took the smoke photos from in a lightning storm. Most are from in the car on the way back into town.


Storm clouds and bats.

It’s been very dry in my part of the world lately and even though the storm clouds moved in this afternoon I’m still not convinced we will get much rain but the photo opportunity at sunset tonight wasn’t one to miss.

I even got to capture some of my nocturnal flying friends which was a nice addition to some of these photos. I hope you like them. 🙂

Weekly photo challenge: Renewal

Just a little offering for this week.  Seed pods among the new blossoms.

The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom at the moment, a sign that winter is over. It’s the beginning of a new season.

Jacaranda in full blossom.

Bright eyes, hiding, watching.

Not in the belfry but bats all the same

We call them flying foxes. Can you see them? Apparently I wasn’t suppose to as they fed on the flowers sweet nectar.  Noisy little critters they are.