Walk with me

On a whim I turned right instead of left. 

The path led me to an inviting place dappled in warm spring sunshine. 

Would you walk with me?


Foggy morning

I have had this this tree in my photography radar for months. Believe it or not it is only a five minute drive from the CBD.

A combination of the need to get up early on a Saturday and the very thick fog we experienced this morning made it worth the wait. I even got the added bonus of a stray pelican to complete the picture.

A foggy takeoff.
A foggy takeoff.

Bird Attitude

I love Rosella’s. They are beautful, bright coloured and, at times, they really carry on a treat when other birds enter their airspace. This little guy wasn’t too happy with me taking photos of him. Lucky their attitude only go as far as dirty looks.

What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?